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In this article, we aim to create a visualization showing Forefront’s treasury holdings over time. How have they allocated funds over time between FF holdings, USDC holdings and ETH holdings? Has the structure of holdings changed as Forefront has transitioned to “Season 2”? Provide some insight on Forefront’s new structure of incentivizing contributions and how the treasury can best be set up to do this. What percentage of payments made by the treasury are in USDC vs FF?

In the “Forefront” explorers can create new tokenized communities at the frontier of web3. Through literacy, tribe, and tools, we aim to empower and serve the Web3 world builders of tomorrow. From the below tweet we can see a second season of Forefront was came finally.

It’s finally here, the next season of Forefront. Daos are difficult, we have faced them in Forefront’s first season. Nevertheless, it is precisely by working through those challenges that the community becomes one worth defending. The goal of Front is to foster and enhance the well-being of the people in our community, and every action we take is geared toward achieving that goal. Season two will support tokenized community members to do their best work.

Here we can see the success of forefront teams announcement from the below tweet.

Here from the below graph we can see the holding balance growth across all tokens in forefront. Among all Tokens FF holds $1.06B which is almost more than 85% out of all token holdings. USDC is falling in second place of token holding which is 13.96%.

Here we can see the daily balance holdings of FF , USDC and ETH tokens since Jan 2022. Among all these 3 tokens FF is holding more tokens than other two tokens. Initially we can see both FF and USDC is in maximum holding of tokens later it has been reduced their token holdings. It might be the effect of Season 2. From Feb 2022 onwards we can see the holding of ETH is increasing gradually.

If we look at the percentage view of these FF, USDC and ETH 3 Balances of token holdings.

Using the chart below, we can see the daily growth of FF holdings since January 2022 can be seen. I noticed some of the FF token holdings were drastically reduced from March 2022 onwards. I guess it might have something to do with the fact that the Forefront has transitioned to “Season 2”. USDC holdings have also been reduced from Feb 2022 last week onwards, as well. As a result, it may also affect the fact that Forefront has made the transition into its second season.

Here from the below graph we can see the ETH holdings and the daily growth balance of these ETH tokens . As we can see, the value of ETH holdings has increased from February 21,2022 onwards. 

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