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Humans are social animals that love to be around like-minded people and have fun. Over time, the fun activities led to building something cool, and they shared it with their neighbors and friends in the community. Since humans were primates living a foraging lifestyle, this has been the case. Although technology advanced and almost half of the earth’s population carries a supercomputer in their pockets, the instinct related to gathering like minds and working together on a project they all like has not changed much.

This can be seen throughout programming – nearly all the popular software frameworks, operating systems, database systems, and machine learning algorithms are predominantly created by NOT FOR PROFIT organizations. Linux is a prime example. Most of the world runs on Linux, which is built by volunteers. Software released under the Apache Foundation umbrella falls into this category.

Where are we going with this and how does it relate to DAOs? That’s what I’m going to talk about next. While these people built systems for fun, there was no practical way for them to earn money. As a result of the lack of income, many community members have stopped doing the work that they love to feed their families. Wouldn’t it be great if you could work on something you’re passionate about while also earning a living? That’s where DAOs come in! Using DAOs, loosely coupled, like minded people can find tasks of their passion, build them together and make a living! With DAO, anyone can work from anywhere in the world and earn money while doing what they love.

MarketplaceDAO Terminal. This is Forefront. The launchpad empowering Web3 explorers with the literacy, tribe and tools to create at the frontier of tokenized communities. Our goal is to empower, inform and activate human connections and imagination.

Show me the money!

I am sure that you are eager to find out how much money these like-minded people are making. In this report, I’m going to show you the money made by these like minded people not just on one DAO but on 3 DAOs that you might not have heard about yet since they aren’t on any news channels, popular magazines, or trending sections of your favourite social media application.

The following is a breakdown of the incentives that Forefront Club paid in the month of February 2022. In total, 51,300 USD were paid to community members as incentives. In terms of their roles, half of them went into a staff role, while the remaining half went into roles like Alchemist, Voyager, Oracle and Pioneer. Can you guess what those roles are? Would you like to be the next Alchemist? You can get more information about the club by visiting Feel free to take part in their Discord channel and find something you’re passionate about.  

The purpose of MetricsDAO is to empower analytical minds and enable blockchains and protocols to succeed. It’s critical for blockchains and all ecosystem participants to have the data, insights, visualizations and metrics that enable an active, educated and informed community. 


If you are passionate of data analytics, machine learning and having fun then you should check out MetricsDAO. Its a budding DAO where thousands are flocking together to unearth insights on various blockchain technologies and application. Here is the breakdown of money paid by MetricsDAO to various teams (pods) in the month of February 2022

The final DAO we are going look today is SuperteamDAO and the following chart shows the breakdown of money they paid in Feb 2022 for various tasks performed by DAO members.

This chart stacks up or compares payments of all these DAOs. Forefront DAO is leading the three DAO incentives we compared in this post. Want to pursue your passion? Go and do some DOAing!

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