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This article aims to create a visualization for people who have bought or sold Lightning OGs on Magic Eden since February 5th. Who is accumulating Lightning OGs? Since February 5th, how many OG holders have made a deposit into Friktion volt? Can you give us any other examples of NFT utilities across DeFi?

As we have seen in this post, Friktion has developed for its loyal followers a community NFT referred to as the Lightning OGs. On February 5th, 2012, we have been working on a study to analyze the daily sales volume of Lighting OGs on Magic Eden as well as the number of transactions they have been involved in.Let’s start by looking at the daily sales volume for Lighting OGs as well. As you can see at the beginning, there were a lot more sales volumes than there are now and the amount is gradually decreasing. We can see that again on Mar24th,2022, a considerable amount of sales is going to be recorded for Lighting OGs. A maximum sales volume of $172.97 was observed on February 7, 2022. 

From the below graph, you can see that the number of OG transactions from February 5th 2022 . Moreover, we will have more than 50 transactions only on the 6th, 7th, and the 24th of February 2022. A sudden increase in transactions from Mar1st,2022 can be observed when compared with the previous days. Transactions are declining.

From the below graph we can see the number of purchasers on daily basis and their growth . There were a total of 265 new purchasers from February 5, 2022 to March 30, 2022.The maximum number of new purchasers of 38 was observed on February 6, 2022, and the minimum number of new purchasers of 1 was observed on February 27, 2022. Initially we can see the more number of new purchasers .Later is has been reduced . The number of new purchasers of these NFTs are in decreasing trend.

In the graph below you can see who spent the most on NFT purchases among the top 20. It spent the maximum amount of 8.8 SOL from the wallet “9DWREMQtcKKcZRzqBi4kWKp61TW9MhASCVE9biCX7tvD” to purchase a Lighting OGs NFT.

As can be seen from the graph below, who purchases the most number of NFTs among the top20.  Here, we can see the wallet “74qj3Go7SHS1f6dKadX3a1Co22G7RGeRLAstxDomxNUy” purchased 20 NFTs, which is the maximum quantity of NFTs a single buyer can purchase. Here, next we can see more almost 4 purchasers purchased more than 15 NFTs .

Clearly we can see from the below graph which NFT was sold at the highest price and how much it was sold for. In this top1 NFT, 8.8 SOL sold it, and 1382 is the ID of the buyer.


  • From the above analysis, we discussed about Friktion has a community NFT created for its loyal supporters called the Lightning OGs. And from the visualizations unique wallet purchases and sales volume since Feb5th, 2022 on Friktion are in decreasing trend .
  • Here you can see the top 20 purchasers who bought most NFTs and who spent the most amount to purchase NFTs. Here we can see that the purchaser “n be seen from the graph below, who purchases the most number of NFTs among the top20.  Here, we can see the wallet “74qj3Go7SHS1f6dKadX3a1Co22G7RGeRLAstxDomxNUy” bought the most number of NFTs and the purchaser “9DWREMQtcKKcZRzqBi4kWKp61TW9MhASCVE9biCX7tvD” spent the most amount on purchasing these NFTs.
  • It can be seen from the graph of the NFTs that had the most expensive sale prices that top1 NFT, 8.8 SOL, and 1382 is the identity of the buyer.

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