Saber Locked Over Time

In this article we aiIn this article , we present an overview of the amount of SBR locked in governance since January 1, 2015. Are there any notable trends regarding the locking of SBRs or the exit of wallets from their locked state? Does there seem to be a specific date when locking activity is more likely than others?

What Is Saber?

With Saber, you can trade stablecoins on Solana that are pegged to another asset, such as gold or government bonds. With Saber liquidity pools, market makers can earn passive yields on transaction fees, token-based incentives, and even automate DeFi strategies. Users of Saber can swap stablecoins and stake them on a decentralized exchange (DeX). Saber is currently able to trade more than 25 cryptocurrencies due to its integration with Solana.Furthermore, Saber has a liquidity pool for users to use. Through Saber liquidity pools, liquidity providers can earn yield on swap pairs traded on the platform.Saber provides fast execution times in addition to low fee and slippage rates.  

The chart below visualizes the amount of SBR locked in governance since January 1st over time. Maximum locked SBR of $119.96M was measured on January 6,2022.The SBR is on a downward trend. If we look at the trend of the locked SBR on daily basis , in March 10, 2022 and January 12, 2022, total closed SBRs were lower than normal, while in March 9, 2022 and January 6, 2022, they were higher than normal.

On this graph, we can see the week-over-week change in the amount of SBR that has been locked. As an example, on Jan30-Feb5 2022, we see a large change in SBR locked, going from 31% to 1293.2% in just one week. Similarly we can see the other change on 6-12 Mar 2022, we see a large change in SBR locked, going from 31.8% to 4691.9% in just one week.

Below is a graph that shows how much of SBR is locked and unlocked each day since Jan 1,2022. At first, it appears a lot of SBR is locked. However, it has decreased gradually. Again on March9th,2022 we have seen a lot of SBR amounts being locked.

From the below graph we can see a Cumulative amount of SBR locked over time . Maximum Cumulative of 366.7M was observed in March 24, 2022 .


From the above analysis we can see that SBR has been locked on a daily basis since January 1,2022. On this graph, the amount of SBR that has been locked has changed from week to week.  On Jan30-Feb5 2022 as well as on 6-12 Mar 2022 we see a large change in SBR locked. It’s possible that these changes are caused by the volatility of the crypto market and the changes in token prices.

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