Allocation Of The DAI Pool In The Fuse Pool

In this article, we aim to show how are the tokens in the DAI Vault being allocated into the various Fuse Pools.


On Ethereum, Rari Capital offers cryptographic lending and yield. A number of higher-yielding liquidity pools have just been established by Rari Capital. By using the Fuse protocol, users can build their own personal loan markets by using any cryptocurrency.  The FUSE protocol is the first truly open interest rate protocol. It allows for borrowing, lending, and creating isolated lending markets with unlimited flexibility.Users can lend and borrow digital assets using the Fuse interest rate protocol. Fuse enables users to create their own lending and borrowing pools instantly. Instead of using a large pool of lenders and borrowers as on other platforms, this protocol lets users choose all of their custom parameters and isolate risk. The creator can decide whether to make their pools public or private.
Rari Capital’s first pool is Tetranode’s Locker. This pool has a value of $39M (approx.) spread over 25 assets. It is the first open interest rate protocol. It allows lenders to set up a lending market of their own.

This diagram shows how users can create their own lending and borrowing pools instantly and have access to their pool numbers.

From the graph below, we can see how tokens in the DAI Vault are allocated to the various Fuse Pools since one year ago. Here in the below graph we can see the different pool numbers and which are allocated DAI from past 1 year. From the five pools, Pool #100 contributes the most to the total Allocated DAI (42.59%). Pool #1 has the lowest total Allocated DAI of 149.19K and Pool #100 has the highest total Allocated DAI of 20.49M. In November 1, 2021, it was observed that the maximum allocated DAI was 21M. November 1st, 2022 was the date for the maximum DAI allocation. For Example, The Pool # 102 here is a DeFiGeek Community Pool. This DeFiGeek Community Pool (#102) is based on ETH, Stablecoins, and TXJP tokens. This may have been the reason for the increase in DAI allocations on that particular day on this pool .

Below is a graph showing the percentage of DAI allocated by different pools over the past year . A total of 42.59 % of the Pool’s funds come from Pool #100, out of the 5 Pools. Next , the Pool#102 fell into second place of DAI Allocation .As of the most recent pool count, the lowest total Pool is 149K (Pool #1) and the highest Total Pool is 20.49M (Pool #100).

As a result of the above analysis, we can conclude that most of the DAI allocation was done by Pool # 100 followed by Pool # 102. There was a maximum allocation with DAI for these pools on Nov 1st, 2022.

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