Growth of Sablier Finance

If you are a salaried employee (chances are very high), then you must receive regular payments once or twice a month. The salary commitment between you and your employer is centralized and the payment terms are semi-transparent. Both you and your employer negotiated your salary when you accepted the job, and you are being compensated based on the terms that were outlined in your employer’s HR systems.

What if we made a few tweaks to this concept to make your life and your employer’s life much easier and have a lot more transparency? Assume the agreement between you and your employer is coded in an open program that you, your employer, and your legal advisor can access at any time. What if your qualified salary is available to be withdrawn at any time? Say, for example, that you worked six days in this month and that you would like to obtain a salary for those six days. Wouldn’t that be nice?   

Sablier can accomplish precisely this – it moves salary payment processing to the Ethereum blockchain and enables your employer to stream your salary to you and you can withdraw it in real time. You can withdraw your earned salary at any time instead of waiting for two weeks or a month.  Using Sablier, employers can also eliminate payroll administration and the costs associated with it. 

Sablier smart contracts enable employers to set token vesting periods and ignore the rest. The system will automatically stream money to the recipients. Wondering what if you want to pull the payments streaming as your employer quite? You bet! Just another click and you can cancel the payment streams.

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin envisioned this type of payment system as one of the best use cases for blockchains many years ago. Sablier made it possible!

Now let us look at the total value locked in Sablier Finance using Flipside Crypto’s data warehouse. The following chart show the total value locked in the protocol and it does seems to coincide with overall crypto currencies market. During late 2021 around October, the total value locked in Sablier peaked to 800 million dollars USD and since then on it is on the down trend.

The above chart shows the week over week growth of Sablier’s Total Value Locked. After several months of negative week over week growth, Sablier is seeing a positive growth since March 2022.

The above chart shows the new user’s growth in Sablier Finance Protocol.

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