Hop Exchange Bridge Volume – Matic Token

With the gas prices on Ethereum hitting sky high after huge adoption growth in 2020 and 2021, every Ethereum entrepreneur is looking for options to ease the burden of gas prices by porting the apps to Ethereum’s side chain, layer-2s.
In order to improve adoption of Layer-2s, Hop Exchange protocol allows transferring the tokens between them in an easy way. The protocol will enable users to exchange their Ethereum tokens directly on exchange platforms with similar terms and conditions as the exchanges.

In this post, let us explore the polygon’s MATIC tokens transferred using Hop Exchange. The following chart shows the Hop Exchange transactions by their respective Side Chains & Layer 2s .

The lion share of transactions happening on Hop Exchange are with Polygon blockchain. The second place is being occupied by Arbitrum and Optimism depending on when you look at the chart.

The following chart shows the transfers by tokens. When we look at the number of token transfers, USDC takes the top spot. The second spot is occupied by MATIC and the third place is taken by DAI.

Now let us look at MATIC token transfers on Hop Exchange. The following chart shows weekly transfer volume. The left side of the graph y-axis shows the weekly volume scale and the right side of y-axis shows the cumulative transfer volume. Since the beginning of Hop Exchange we observed about 3.66 millions USD worth of MATIC tokens were transferred .

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