How Many Sablier Finance Streams Are Cancelled?

Sablier Finance moves salary payment processing to the Ethereum blockchain and enables your employer to stream your salary to you and you can withdraw it in real time. You can withdraw your earned salary at any time instead of waiting for two weeks or a month.  Using Sablier, employers can also eliminate payroll administration and the costs associated with it. 

Sablier smart contracts enable employers to set token vesting periods and ignore the rest. The system will automatically stream money to the recipients. Wondering what if you want to pull the payments streaming as your employer quit? You bet! Just another click and you can cancel the payment streams.

As many of us know an employee and employer relationships is a bit complex in this globalized world. Employers have access to a wide range of talent pool, across the the globe and thanks to blockchains & crypto payments. An blockchain based DAO employer can hire a talented person irrespective of where the person is located in the world, without worry about immigration headaches or any other problems faced by traditional organization. Similar way an employee have access to wide range of DAO (employers) or a open projects to contribute and earn the income.

This ultra globalization leads to churn in employees tenure with an organization. When Sablier Finance is used to stream payments to prospective employees, most of the times the scheduled payments are delivered to the employees. But when an employee decides to part ways with the employer, Sablier Finance provides option to cancel the streaming payments.

The following chart shows the streaming payments created vs cancelled on Sablier Finance. As you notice in the charts, majority of the payment streams are processed and never cancelled. But a small portion of them are cancelled.

This above chart shows the payments created vs cancelled in a percentage chart for better understanding. While payments in 2021 were mostly stable and not much cancellations were observed, we see considerable percentage of payments being cancelled in 2022. For example in 2022 March we observe about 44% of payments scheduled are cancelled.

Sablier Finance provides a very flexible way to create payment streams as well as cancel them without much hassel when required. This is a game changer for employers as well as for employees.

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