How Many Terra Blockchain Users Used Wormhole vs Shuttle In Nov-Dec 2021?

Wormhole and Shuttle bridge are two options available for Terra blockchain users to transfer their tokens between Terra and other blockchains like Ethereum, Binance, Solana. In this post lets us analyze Terra blockchain data during November 2021 and December 2021 to find answers to the following questions.

  1. How many unique users used Shuttle & Wormhole to transfer tokens from Terra blockchain to other blockchains?
  2. How many users used both bridges daily?
  3. How frequently a user used these bridges?

During the last two months of 2021 around 25K users used Shuttle bridge to transfer their tokens from Terra blockchain to other blockchains, where as only 3.97K users used Wormhole to transfer their tokens out. Though Wormhole is the modern bridge and supports more destinations to transfer tokens, Terra blockchain users are still preferring the good old Shuttle bridge when they want to transfer their tokens.

What about the interaction of users who are using both bridges to transfer their tokens out of Terra blockchain? We found 1,491 users during Nov-Dec 2021 who used both bridges at least once to transfer their tokens. That is roughly 2% of 27K unique users are used both bridges. Lets us look at the daily trend of users using both bridges to transfer their tokens in the following graph.

This chart shows how frequently users used the Shuttle & Wormhole bridges during Nov-Dec 2021. As you see in the chart below, most of the users (12.2K in case of Shuttle & 2.2K in case of Wormhole) performed just one transaction in those 60 days period. We noticed couple of thousands of users who performed 5-9 transactions and almost handful number of users who performed more than 100 transactions. The values are so small that you cant’ see the chart for 100+ users below properly!

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