Solana: 2021 Year End SOL Token Transfers From Centralized Exchanges

Lets us explore how was the outflow of SOLANA tokens from Centralized Exchanges during Dec 2021. The following chart shows the amount of SOL tokens transferred out of various Centralized Exchanges like FTX, GATE-IO and KRAKEN. As you notice most of the transfer volume is from GATE-IO and FTX. The amount of tokens transferred out of Kraken are almost negligible compared to FTX and GATE-IO.

Now let us look at the number of transactions during the same period. What we see in number of transactions is quite different when compared to amount of SOL transferred. The number of transactions on FTX is a lot more compared to other exchanges, but the amount of SOL transferred from FTX is not that different from GATE-IO.

This could be due to the popularity of FTX with retail investors where as GATE-IO attracting mostly whales and professional investors who moves large amount of SOL in fewer transactions.

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