Liquidity From Terraswap Pools To Astroport Pools

The article aims to show the total amount of TVL that could have moved from Terraswap to Astroport for the LUNA/bLUNA pair by showing the total amount of withdrawals from Terraswap and deposits onto Astroport since Astroport launched.


Within a single AMM, Astroport allows users to select from a variety of pool types while still leveraging Terra’s asset types. That means , Astroport brings liquidity to Terra tokens from all parts of the galaxy. Astroport has an open market, meaning that anyone can supply liquidity to one of two pools. Anyone can then trade against those tokens whenever they want. With Astroport’s smart contracts, LPs can also provide liquidity to earn ASTRO at launch. All of Astroport’s liquidity is programmable. Astroport is a next-generation AMM that will power one of the most valuable DeFi ecosystems on Earth.

Astroport has its own token called ASTRO, much like many other DeFi protocols do. A stake in the ASTRO pool grants holders voting rights on matters related to the ASTRO protocol and communities. ASTRO holders can increase this power by locking their ASTRO tokens for a period of up to two years, benefiting from an additional share of trading fees, and boosting mining rewards for generating liquidity.


Through Terraswap, people can trade and provide liquidity with different assets on the Terra ecosystem using the AMM model inspired by Uniswap. Terraswap works as a liquidity hub, encouraging users to exchange assets generated by different protocols within the Terra ecosystem. For instance, all bAssets generated by Anchor Protocol and all mAssets generated by Mirror Protocol can be traded through the platform. Terraswap’s token offers are fairly limited as many are Terra-funded projects . Tokens are not listed freely on Terraswap or pools are not created like they can be on Uniswap. Terraswap only offers limited token offerings.

We can see in the tweet below that $1.2 billion was successfully transferred from Terraswap’s smart contracts to Astroport’s after the launch of Astroport’s smart contracts.

We can see from this graph that LUNA tokens have been withdrawn from Terraswap and deposited to Astroport.

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