THORChain Jumbo Sized Swaps!

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With Thorchain, users will be able to exchange tokens from various networks, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, with tokens from other networks. To trade cryptos, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, traders and investors use decentralized exchanges, which are unable to facilitate the operation on native networks.As a result of its interoperability, THORChain enables users to directly exchange different cryptos without ever leaving the protocol and without requiring the use of any intermediaries. By depositing cryptos into the Thorchain decentralized exchange, users can earn a yield on their money.

Let’s take a look at the largest swaps handled by various pools on THORSwap. The following charts shows the largest amount of tokens swapped in US Dollars by every pool deployed to THORSWap. In a single transaction, over 1 million ETH has been exchanged in the pools ETH.THOR, ETH.ETH, and BTC.BTC.

The pool ETH.XRUNE is ranked 4th with a largest single transaction of 708K and is followed by BNB.BUSD with a transaction of 333K USD. Whales using THORSwap to move their cryptocurrencies from one blockchain to another without converting them into wrapped tokens is impressive. It demonstrates the trust that THORCHain has earned in facilitating inter-blockchain swaps. 

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