Distribution of TCR Tokens

We will demonstrate in this article how much (in TCR) has been allocated to users from the original allocation of funds in the treasuryDAO each day?

About Tracer DAO

There is a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) that manages Tracer as far as the administration is concerned. The organization of this type allows governors (individuals or groups that own TCR tokens) from anywhere in the world to decide on changes to the protocol without a centralized control point. 
There are two types of contracts owned by Tracer DAO: Factory contracts and market templates. The DAO has the power to change these, and some of the tracer market definitions (the markets that specify DAO control), by a vote. The governance contract can also be altered, if the governors decide to adjust some of the rules or if they want to adopt a new voting system. 

Tracer Token

Essentially, Tracer Token (TCR) is the unique token that governs the Tracer Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO); it allows DAO members to vote on proposals that have a direct effect on Tracer’s growth and future. Having (and staking) TCR makes holders eligible to participate in these votes and to be a part of the peer-to-peer financial ecosystem Tracer runs on. The government also controls how treasury funds are spent and who is hired to perform services.

Our focus here is to mention how much TCR Tokens have been distributed per day to users as part of the TCR total token distribution per day program.

We can see from the below graph the total amount of TCR(Tracer DAO) Tokens claimed on a daily basis. Observations of the highest claim tokens of 2.72M were made on October 23, 2021, while the lowest claim tokens of 1 were observed on January 6, 2021.November 30, 2021 and January 2, 2022 had lower total claimed token amounts than normal, and June 15, 2021 and September 16, 2021 had higher total claimed token amounts than normal.

The daily number of users claiming tokens here is shown from the below graph.The maximum number of Users of 22 was observed on January 15, 2021 and the minimum number of Users was observed on January 6, 2021. Initially a larger number of wallets claimed tokens, but gradually the number of claim tokens by users decreased.

The maximum number of Claimed Token Transactions was observed on January 15, 2021, and the minimum number was observed on January 6, 2021.

Referred From : https://docs.tracer.finance/tracer/governance

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