The Lil Nouns DAO


A fork of Nouns, Lil Nouns is a non-fungible token created using a generative art algorithm on the Ethereum blockchain. In the same way that Nouns are 32×32 pixel characters based on people, places, and things, Lil Nouns are 32×32 pixel characters.

The Lil Nouns DAO is designed to be self-sustaining both in terms of generating new Lil Nouns, as well as distributing them to the community members. As a result, a new Lil Noun is created and auctioned every 15 minutes for every person. The proceeds from the auction are given to the Lil Nouns DAO Treasury, which is used to run the daily operations of the DAO using the proceeds from the auction. Additionally, Lil Nounders are compensated with Lil Nouns for being selfless stewards of creative commons. For the first 5 years of the project, the 11th Lil Noun (Lil Noun id #1, #11, #21, #31 and so on) will automatically be sent to Nouns DAO to be invested and shared among members.

We are going to explore the top Lil Noun NFT holders as well as the number of NFTs held by the treasury to run its operations. Lets first start at looking at the top 10 NFT holder of Lil Nouns in the following chart. The treasury wallet 0x0bc3807ec262cb779b38d65b38158acc3bfede10 is the biggest holder of Lil Nouns with 291 NFTs as we write the analysis and it constitutes about 10% of all Lil Noun NFTs minted so far. The second biggest holder is 0x3cf6a7f06015acad49f76044d3c63d7fe477d945 with about 9% of NFTs or 271 NFTs in the wallet. Another interesting account to check is the burner or NULL address, which has 62 NFTs and they are gone for good!

We know that every NFT that ends with 1 is sent to the DAO’s Treasury. So how many NFTs are sent per day as well as how many are sent cumulatively? Let us answer those questions in the following chart. The chart shows daily Lil Noun NFTs sent to the treasury wallet along with cumulative NFTs sent to it so far.

By the way Lil Nouns is a fork of Nouns DAO, but how do they compare? The following chart compares the size of two treasuries in terms of ETH. As you see in the chart the Nouns DAO has a whooping 27K ETH tokens, where as Lil Nouns DAO has 893 ETH tokens. The Lil Noun DAO is named aptly at least when we compare the size of the DOA’s treasury wallets.


The following data sources are referred for preparing the analysis

  1. Flipside Crypto data warehouse

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