What are the most popular smart contracts on Flow Blockchain?

Dapper Labs has launched one of the most popular NFT gaming collections ever named CryptoKitties, which choked the Ethereum blockchain. There is no need to describe what happens when Ethereum’s blockchain chokes, gas prices rise to unreachable heights, and access to the blockchain becomes uneconomical for regular users. 
Flow Blockchain was launched by Dapper Labs in response to Ethereum’s high gas fees and low transaction capabilities. Flow is a fast, decentralized, and developer-friendly blockchain designed for high transaction throughput for gaming networks, digital assets, and mobile apps that require millions of transactions. 
Flow’s blockchain architecture follows a totally different route than Ethereum, with a multi-role architecture built on top of a unique architecture that handles scalability without sharding. 

source: onflow.com

Exploring Top 10 Smart Contracts

Using the data available on Flipside Cypto’s data warehouse we explored Flow Blockchain data to identify the top 10 smart contracts by number of transitions executed. For this analysis we considered data between May 9th 2022 to May 29th 2022. The top smart contract we found is Flow Token contract with over 37% of transactions ( or 11.32 million transactions) in the past 10 days.

The TopShotMarket V3 contract is in 4th place with over 1.45 transactions in the past 10 days and its variant TopShot contract recorded around 942K transaction.

The following chart shows the area chart of daily top 10 transactions.

Trending Smart Contracts On Flow

A handful of smart contracts are trending on Flow blockchain and they are shown in the chart below. The prominent smart contracts that are trending are

  1. FLOAT – A Flow-enabled proof of attendance platform built by Emerald DAO
  2. Gaia Marketplace – The OpenSea, aka NFT Marketplace, of Flow blockchain
  3. NFT AllDay – Digital video collectibles of Iconic NFL Moments by Dapper Labs
  4. TopShot – The NBA TopShot NFT Collection

In the above chart you see daily change in number of transactions recorded from the popular smart contracts

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