Does Your Computer Hardware Support Blu-ray Player? Check It Now.

Blu ray logoBlu-ray is the next generation optical disc format that supports recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video, as well as storing large amounts of data. These days many new computers are assembled with Blu-ray disk drives.

If you are curious to upgrade your computer with a Blu-ray disk drive, it is advised to check whether the computer hardware supports installation of Blu-ray disk drive or not.

Cyberlink Blu-ray Disc Advisor a free tiny utility from Cyberlink, the developers of famous PowerDVD software, can perform a series of test on your hardware and lets you know whether the existing hardware supports Blu-ray drive.

Tool to check whether hardware is capable of Blu ray playback

As you can see in the screen capture my computer is no way up to the Blu-ray compatible hardware checklist.

Download Cyberlink Blu-ray Disc Advisor

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