Convert PowerPoint Files To YouTube Videos And Share Your Presentations As Videos

Ever wanted to share a PowerPoint file with someone as a YouTube video? Acoolsoft PPT2YouTube is all you need. The free tool PPT2YouTube converts any PowerPoint presentation to a YouTube video in very easy steps.


To convert PPT to YouTube video all you need to do is import the PPT to the application, set the output folder and click the start button. Application will automatically convert PowerPoint to YouTube format(MP4) with animations, transitions, sounds and video clips retained.

The application is also capable to converting multiple files at a time. So even converting a bunch of PPTs to YouTube is also very easy with this app.

As a blogger i find this application very useful to share PPTs with my blog readers. As it is not possible to embed the PPT in a blog post, i can convert it to a YouTube video and easily embed it in the post.

Download PPT2YouTube

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