Windows 7 Cracked – Hackers Releases The Crack Before The Release of Windows 7

Windows_7_Logo Here is some heartbreaking news to Windows 7 Engineers and good news to all the folks who are eagerly waiting for a pirated version of Windows 7 OS. Hackers managed to exploit the vulnerabilities of Windows 7 Ultimate and released cracks that by-passes Windows Genuine Advantage check. This means, you don’t need to pay a penny for Windows 7 if you get hold of this crack from the wild.

It’s so pity that the cracks are available 85 days ahead of Windows 7 release to customers! Microsoft Engineers yet again failed to show any resistance against the pirates(generally, we hear of iPhone OS cracks only after few days of software releases, right?).

How Hackers Cracked Windows 7?

The method employed by the hackers to crack Windows 7 is no way mean new. It’s the same good old procedure they followed for cracking Windows Vista. According to softpedia

The bypass designed for Windows 7 RTM involves abusing OEM activation 2.1, and in this regard the circumventing process is nothing more than an OEM hack. Via OEM activation 2.1, namely SLP 2.1, Microsoft allows OEMs to pre-activate Windows 7 for distribution preinstalled on new computers. In this context, the activation bypass process leading to the hacked Windows 7 RTM needs to be based on a BIOS (SLIC) hack first of all

Lenova Win 7 Discs – Source Of Sensitive Info For Hackers

It is reported that hackers got access to the copy of an OEM Windows 7 Ultimate disc from Lenovo. From them they were able to extract: product key and the OEM certificate required for authentication.

Something to blame on Lenova? No way! If not Lenova, it would have been DELL or HP or someone else. It really does not matter who is the source of discs. All the hackers wanted was an OEM disc.

Where Can I Download Windows 7 Crack?

Well it is not legal to post such information over here. So we are not going to post any links here. But you can ask Google Search and it brings all the information instantaneously. As the crack is in initial stages, it looks like a cumbersome process for non-geeks. If you a geek, it is just a matter of couple of minutes.

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