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How To Unlock Password Protected Microsoft Excel Workbooks

Remove Excel Passwords How many times have you forgot password of a Microsoft Excel workbook/sheet and then had a sinking face?

Microsoft Excel has a protection feature that allows users to lock a workbook or sheet with a password. When the Excel workbook/sheet is protected with a password, any user attempt to edit data shows an error message

Microsoft Excel Error Message When User Tries To Edit Password Protected Sheet

Here comes an handy Excel plug-in called Excel Password Remover 2008 which strip the password protection from Excel workbooks and spreadsheets. You can install the plug in by downloading it from here. Once installed, it adds options Unprotect workbook and Unprotect sheet to Excel’s Tools menu, and choosing these options does what they are meant to.

Download Excel Password Remover

Note: To install the plugin you should set security level of Macros to medium by following the menu Tools->Macros->Security in Microsoft Excel.

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