Forbes Announcing The World’s Top 20 Billionaires

Dollar Forbes company recently conducted a survey to figure out the world’s Billionaires list and has released it listing the top 20 names of the Billionaires. The company says that for the third time in the last three years the world has a new richest man for this year. So it means that Bill Gates was beaten up by someone else in world. Who is the new richest man in the world?


Forbes.Com announced the richest man in world and this time it is not Bill Gates. But it is Carlos Slim Helu who is into Telecom industry. Carlos lives in Mexico and he had the third richest man’s place last year. Having shown a Net worth of $ 53.5 Billion, Carlos has increased $18.5 Billion in a year. Carlos swooped on the privatization of Mexico’s national telephone service during the last decade and now has achieved the world’s first richest man.

Following Carlos, in the second position is Bill Gates with the Nett worth of $53 Billion. As Bill Gates requires no great introduction, lets move on to the next place. The third place is occupied by Warren Buffett followed by Mukesh Ambani and Lakshmi Mittal in fourth and fifth places respectively.

The top 20 names of world’s richest people, their occupation and the Nett worth that they hold are

    S.No Name Nett Worth (in $ Billion) Source of Income
    1 Carlos Slim Helu 53.5 Telecom
    2 Bill Gates 53 Microsoft
    3 Warren Buffett 47 Investments
    4 Mukesh Ambani 29 Petrochemical, Oil and Gas
    5 Lakshmi Mittal 28.7 Steel
    6 Lawrence Ellison 28 Oracle
    7 Bernard Arnault 27.5 Luxury Goods
    8 Eike Batista 27 Mining, Oil
    9 Amancio Ortega 25 Fashion, Retail
    10 Karl Albrecht 23.5 Supermarkets
    11 Ingvar Kamprad and Family 23 IKEA
    12 Christy Walton and Family 22.5 Wal-Mart
    13 Stefan Persson 22.4 H & M
    14 Li Ka-shing 21 Diversified
    15 Jim C. Walton 20.7 Wal-Mart
    16 Alice Walton 20.6 Wal-Mart
    17 Liliane Bettencourt 20 L’Oreal
    18 S. Robson Walton 19.8 Wal-Mart
    19 Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Alsaud 19.4 Diversified
    20 David Thomson and Family 19 Thomson Reuters


Source: Forbes and Image Credit : kevindooley

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