Watch IPL League 2010 Online On YouTube

IPL Having said that IPL League match for the year 2010 starts tomorrow, Many of us would be interested in watching the broadcast live online. The first match between Deccan chargers and Kolkata Knight Riders starts tomorrow at 20.00 IST.

IPL T20 lasts for 45 days starting from March 12th 2010 till April 25th 2010. The entire league takes place in India. The opening ceremony takes place on 12th continued by the official game between Deccan Chargers and Kolkata Knight Riders

Most of us would not be able to watch the match on Television. So this year IPL joins hand with Google to make it available live on NET.

How to Watch IPL Match Live Online

Google and IPL has joined their hands to make the match available online for all the viewers around the world. To watch the IPL Match live online log on here

How to Watch IPL Match Live On Mobile

IPL and GCV(Global Cricket Ventures) are tied to July Systems. You can watch IPL matches live on mobile by accessing the link directly using a GPRS enabled mobile or viewers can simply call from their mobile phone to MiX (Mobile Internet Experience) using the Toll Free number 08 123 123 123. Once you call this Toll Free number a link will be sent to your mobile. You can access that link to view the live cricket on your mobile.

Watch IPL League Cricket Match Live Online

Watch IPL League Cricket Match Live On Mobile

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