In UK Windows 7 Costs Half The US Price – Home Premium Is Just £65 ($106)

windows7-logo Here is some great news for all the UK residents. Full version of Windows 7 Home Premium costs just half the US price – it’s going to cost just £65 ($106). In US the same version of Windows 7 costs 200$.

You can buy Windows 7 for £65 from and is selling it for over at £75, but with free delivery.

Microsoft is trying all it can to gain the market share it has lost due to Windows Vista. In US they provided 50% discounts on pre-order of Windows 7 and now another 50% off deal for UK.

What about the rest of the world? It’s not clear how much it’s going to cost in India. I’m trying to reach the Microsoft sales & support teams to know the price of Windows 7 and also details about the outlets where we can buy in India. Microsoft is not providing any specific information other than the template answer

….Windows 7 is going to get release on 22nd Oct 2009 so once it get release only at that point of time will be able to provide you the complete purchasing details for the same. Please get back to us once it gets release…

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