The Raise Of Bing Continues

the_raise_of_bingThe Microsoft’s search engine Bing is on the raise in the second month as per the reports of ComScore. That’s some good news to Microsoft.

Even though the Bing search is doing well and the growth is steady, analysts are saying that the growth is due to the millions of dollars being invested in Bing advertisements.

Here is what few experts are saying

Bing Keeps Rising – NYTimes

Bing accounted for 8.9 percent of search queries in the United States in July, up from 8.4 percent in June and 8 percent in May. The July gains appear to have come at the expense of both Google and Yahoo, which each saw their market share decline by .3 percent, to 64.7 percent and 19.3 percent

Bing Search Share Rises Modestly In July – Silicon Alley Insider

Bing has gained 90 basis points of market share in two months — or a 11% market share gain. This is not terrible, but not a remarkable success, given how much Microsoft has been advertising it.

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  1. However, the increase in the share of Bing is comparatively small and moreover it is more at the cost of Yahoo. Google is more or less unaffected and is likely to remain unaffected until some innovative algorithm is invented by Bing or somebody else instead using a Google-clone algorithm.

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