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India Plants Flag On Moon – ISRO’s Chandrayaan 1 Is A Great Success


Wah, what a golden day in the history of Indian Space Research Organisation! Today at around 8:30 PM IST, ISRO’s Chandrayaan 1 mission successfully planted Indian tri-color flag on Moon’s surface.

India is the 4th country in the world to have their flag on the Moon. I’m very proud to be an Indian and very happy to blog about this even though my day’s schedule is very hectic. Hearty congratulation to the scientists of ISRO and to the former Indian president & ISRO scientist A P J Abdul Kalam. You made us very proud!!

On 22th October 2008, the Chandrayaan 1 is launched from Srihari Kota launch pad. After a long and safe journey, Chandrayaan 1 is placed into Moon’s orbit few days ago. Today Moon Impact Probe(MIP) detached from Chandrayaan 1 and crash landed on Moon’s surface successfully. The MIP has the Indian tri color flag. This is a remarkable success for Indians as the entire mission is carried with technology developed in India.

You can read more about MIP at ISRO Web site and many interesting articles on Google News

What do you think about this great achievement of ISRO?

Jai Hind!