Steve Balmer talks about features of windows 7

When everyone is talking about windows 7 is this and windows 7 is that. Sure I do a lot of reading and talking about it too. But what is that actually so cool and new in it? I was able to catch up with a video. An interview with the windows man himself, Steve Balmer. Here are some things that I would like to highlight about windows 7 that I heard from this interview.

  1. The pre beta version released for windows 7 Its not a minor, its a good version release
  2. Windows 7 is a better windows vista
  3. Does your applications want to in be future windows releases? test your app’s in windows vista
  4. Windows 7 has touch and multi touch interface
  5. Windows 7 is going to come out with a cleaner environment, better interface and more useful features

I paid to do free testing (I bought windows vista for my notebook) for the future of windows. “Windows 7 is a better windows vista”, now my dear Microsoft guys, will you give me discount on my upgrade to windows 7?

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