Know Your PF Transfer /Withdrawal Status Online [Indian Website]

It was a pain for all of us to know the status of PF transfer /withdrawal once it is initiated. We had to wait for a long time and there would not be any clue of whether transfer would happen or not. But now we have got a chance to see PF Transfer/Withdrawl status online. The Indian government has created a web site where we can check the details regarding our PF transfer /withdrawal. All we have to know is our PF account number given in our previous office.


Click here to know your PF withdrawal/transfer status.Select the state and the exact place where you were working previously. Provide the establishment code which is available in your PF account number. For example if your PF account number is TN/12345/2003, then your establishment code is 12345. Once you provide this establishment code in the appropriate place, the name of your previous employer appears below the column which confirms that you have entered the establishment code correctly. Finally provide your employee id of your previous company and then click the “Get Claim Status” to know the status of your PF transfer /withdrawal.

Website to check PF Transfer/Withdrawl status

How To Identify Establishment Code Of a PF Account

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  1. SIR
    i have deposited PF withdrawal filled forms at my office on 01.02.2011 but till i have reply from any side and stil not receive any status how can i get my PF status. Company name is Twenty Four guarding Pvt.Ltd

  2. When status of PF withdrawal or transfer is not getting updated in web site on regular basis, then how to follow for the same? This irregularity in updation is due to improper or lack of supervision by corrupted seniors. This can be abolished only when we the INDIAN fight together.

  3. This pathetic, Can’t they update it every month? The last update was on 25/11/2010. Or is it because of lack of employee. If that is the case let them hire more people. Lots of youngsters are hungry for job.

  4. vikramsingh mehra

    i just want to know the procedure, my brother company has been shut down last 8 months & he has not yet recived pf , he has his pf a/c no. nd salary slip but no other documents like approval of co. please help us to get pf.

  5. Information is not accurate.

    when the cheked the status of my claim status in january i got the status “under process” now it is displaying “your claim is not received by this office”

  6. Dear /sir,

    I have submitted pf forms last year 2010 in the month of June.2010. When I checked the claim status. It shows that Status is not found. Plz advise me , what i have to do right now.

  7. on 10th Jan 2011, i inquired about my PF the status was under process, and when i had checked on the website its showing, your is not received from your office. is this dummy website that every one getting the same massage. kindly let every one know about EPF govt

  8. Hi Gopinath,

    the comment you mentioned on the october 21st 2010 has link to know the balance of pf account for Tamilnadu state…

    in that site as soon as i entered my establishment code it saying “Establishment not Exits1”

    please kindly help me .. please provide the link to check the balance for karantaka and andhra states ..

    please post any url that you know to check the pf account balance for karanataka and andhra pradesh…

  9. Sir,
    On changing my Job i opted for PF transfer but our company officials filled wrong account no of another employee working in my same present company. On the basis of that ,my previous co. trust transfered the amount to RPF,delhi in jan 2008. Now i came to know about this mistake and checked that person PF account also and found that transfered amount has not been credited to his account. I guess it is in Suspense account.
    Pl suggest how to proceed in this case.

  10. Samioddin Shaikh


    I checked pf online status and found “your claim is settled” but when i entered my bank account number to view pf amount, it shows “invalid details, try again”. will you please help me ?

  11. main jab bhi office pata karta hoon woh log bolte hain, ki aap ka pf ,pf office wale withdraw nahin kar rahe. Reason kuchh nahin batate. Plz mujhe bataen mera paisa mere a/c mein kab tak aaega…..ved

  12. Sumitted all the document against pf no UPXXXXXX. but pf office of Barriely is not settling the claim. Also not returning the claim. Not even accepting any fax while I am telling my name. Every time showing several excuses.

    Pls let me know in my mail id wt to do.

  13. Sir,
    My PF no. is Kxxxxxxxxx but I am unable to check the status online, everytime I put establishement code it states that establishemtn code does not exist, please help me

  14. I have asked my previous company SITEL to transfer the account from Sutherland to it. I am now waiting to find on how to check the status of my PF transfer.

  15. Guys,

    We are simply wasting our time, india still did not develop, then how can you expect the system to develop. It sounds crazy / hatred but thats the fact. Accep it.

  16. Hi
    This site never gives your PF status.
    If u enter properly every thing also it says “YOUR CLAIM NOT RECEIVED YET”.

  17. Hi,

    Could you please help me to know the link / URL to check online balance available in my PF A/C.


  18. Dear Sir

    I have applied to withdraw PF amount on December 2009. but till date i didnt receive the any updates regarding. when i verified it on line with my PF number, it says, “YOUR CLAIM NOT RECEIVED YET”, please help to know till how long i have to wait or is there any other way to proceed further??


    Narinder Kumar
    Mob : 9xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Oh my GOD. Are our people so sense less? You poor admin, keep posting your “Reminder” advice again and again not to put personal details here, till they turn educated :) and do you think it will happen ever??? I wonder how these people got job in those hitech companies.

    By the way, I just bumped in this page in search of a customer care number to call the PF office directly :(

  20. Dear Sir,

    Kindly provide the status of my PF account and balance.
    PF A/C No – MH/xxxxx/xxxx

  21. Hi

    I submitted my form 20th April, 10 and got the acknowledgment for the Sep-10. But the website says “Your Claim Not Received by this Office!”. Now what should I do???



  22. I admire your patience Gopinath, going through each dumb post & saving them from their misery by removing sensitive information..

    You can probably save some more time to post other good articles if you can update the title of this post, you know what I mean..


  23. Hi,
    I had appiled for PF in Pune on April 19 2010, since then i didn’t get any update and amount is not depositd. how long it will take to get the money. was with Techm.

  24. Gopi,
    I felt very sorry for you. With great intention you have created this site and also trying to provide useful informations to others. But i dont know really whether these people are unknowingly asking these type of question even after you have instructed several times. Or do they wantedly playing with your site by giving such repeated messages.. ????

    1. Ganesh,
      Seems to be most of the guys are not reading the entire post. They just read the title and post their personal details here. We are regularly going through the comments and removing the comments that contain personal details. It’s not safe to leave the personal details on any webpages…

  25. Padma charan sahu

    Dear sir,

    Before six months i have already applied for PF a/c file but till date i have not recieved my pf a/c money .So i want to know whats status of my pf a/c money return. can u tell me how many amount in my pf a/c

    padma charan sahu

  26. can you tel me wherther my PF form is submited to the PF office i am worked as a loader DIVYA TOUROISUM PVT LTD for KINGFISHER AIRLINES PUNE AIRPORT from 1st April 2008 to 31st March 2010 can you tell me how many amaunt has been save in my account

  27. santhosh kumar.E

    hii this is santhodh kumar.E
    Belongs to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    please let me know the pf status

    Its been already 32 days overed

  28. Vijayalakshmi P

    I had submitted my PF Papers in the Month of February. Till now i had not rcvd my Payment. Pls let me know the status of my PF Money?

  29. Folks, if u have submitted ur PF closure / tranfer form. AND if ur ex-employer did submitted the form to the regional PF office, it will cleared within 100 days (Phew phew!!!). Not really sure abt other states (coz i haven’t experienced it) but TN (chennai) works really great!!! hats Off. They are uploading the data over the net as well, so will be there for chennai employee pretty soon.

    I am a nother Indian, but as far as technology adoption is concern. North India – is over the bullock cart in the race of machine….

    This is IT…. ALL the best … And hey BOY !!! dont paste ur acc# neither this not a PF customer care … purriiidaahh (understood (in tamil)) !!! he he he

  30. hi

    i m yogesh working with hdfc bank(3 years),but nw i left d job.i dnt have my pf account number kindly clear me any online site where i get my pf account number by i got my pf transfer

  31. To the admin – dude, congrats on starting your own PF customer care service :P… well, for one thing, people do not want to read what is posted, they just want to know the status and someone else to do the job for them. There is not point in telling them to stop posting comments asking for status… I’ve seen this in many places, so experience speaks… I’d suggest that you edit this post and write the following on the top in RED, BOLD CAPITAL letters –

    Maybe that will work.

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