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Lunar Eclipse Hits The Earth Again

The next Lunar Eclipse hits the earth on July 07th 2009. This is the second lunar eclipse for this year. The previous eclipse happened on February 09th 2009. Click here to know more about the first lunar eclipse that happened early this year.


The magnitude of this eclipse is just 0.156 and hence it is not visible in most parts of the world, except few parts in America. The eclipse is so minor due to which it cannot be seen by our naked eye. The following are the places where the eclipse occurs

  1. Few parts of North America, Central America & Caribbean
  2. Few parts of South America
  3. Few parts of Australia

In few parts of Australia, the eclipse happens during the moon rise period that is in the evening and in the North and South America the eclipse happens during the moon set. Most the eclipse is visible upon the North Pacific Ocean.

The eclipse, as it is visible mostly on ocean side and not on the earthen part, is not considered to be that significant eclipse in this year. But following this, in next 2 weeks, there will be a total solar eclipse, which is visible in most parts of the world. Catch you with the details about the total solar eclipse soon.

CC Image Credit : NavneethC