How To Identify Language of Any Text

I recently came across a mail that is written in an unknown language. By looking at the script I was clueless about the language. If I can figure out the language of the text then it’s easy to translate it to English and read the mail. But how do we identify the language of any text?


Here are few free services that automatically detect language of any text:

This web based language identifier can automatically detect a whooping number of 85 languages. This is one of the best service available on the net and you can count on this service for detecting the language of any text.


To detect the language of the text you can either past the text in input area, upload a document, email a document or even you can sent a tweet to it twitter account.

The only option this service missing is it IM support, otherwise it supports all the popular communication modes to auto detect any language.


What Language Is This 

What Language Is This is another nice service that quickly identifies language of text. The user interface is very fast and intuitive. The accuracy of the service is good and if the service has any doubts in detecting the language, it clearly displays that it’s confused with the input. Also this service is very good at identifying indic languages(where as many other services fail to understand).


Google Language Detection Service

The big bro of the web has a simple service that can also auto detect many languages. Even though the user interface is not even close to any of the Google standards, it has nice feature that lets us know the accuracy of language detection(0 is very poor and 1 is perfect).


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