MTV Launches Free Online Music Videos Web site – Lets Forget YouTube For Music

MTV recently launched a new web site MTV Music with thousands of music videos freely available for everyone. Wow, what a fantastic news for music lovers like me! I fell in love with the site on the first sight because the music videos are freely available to anyone who has Internet connection(unlike, the video streaming site, which is accessible only in USA).


The number of videos available in the library are mind blowing. There are more than 16,000 videos and the library is updated every day to add new videos. And the best part is the amazing quality of video streams with 100% clean full screen viewing options. What else we need to enjoy music online?

Till today I was depending on YouTube to view music videos but I don’t think I’ll ever go back to YouTube to view a music video. YouTube has good collection of music videos but the problems with YouTube streaming are

  • Unorganised – YouTube is not a site for music videos alone, it has videos of thousands of categories. So there is no easy navigation options for browsing music videos
  • Poor Quality – As most of the music videos are pirated, the quality of the videos are not that good. Also the videos are removed often for violating the content piracy rules and regulation.
  • Inline Ads that distract us viewing area now and then

MTV music also features like rating the videos, posting comments, embedding videos in blogs and personal web sites. Here is one of my favourite videos


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