Chat With Your Friends Using TinyChat When Messengers Are Blocked At Your Office/School/University

Has your school/office/university blocked all the instant messengers? Are you missing your friends and close ones? Do you want to chat urgently with your relatives? Don’t worry. Here comes a simple and basic chat application that enables you to chat with your close ones –


tinychat allows us to create disposable chat rooms in no time. No need of any sign up or lengthy forms filling to create chat room. All we need to do is to open and click on the button “Click to create your Chatroom”. Once you get the chat room created, share the URL of the chat room with your friends and start chatting. There you are. Now you know to chat with your friends even messengers are blocked.

Lets see a quick run down of good and bad of this service

What I Like

  • As it is a disposable chat, the message we share across doesn’t get logged anywhere
  • Easy and simple.You do not require any username and mail ids to create chat rooms or chat with your friends
  • Group chats – any number of people can join the chat room
  • In a group chat you send private messages to individuals

What I Don’t Like

  • There is a time delay in few seconds while delivering the message
  • Unlike other chat application, you cannot see the status of the other person
  • Sometimes, the application breaks in between in an unexpected way and it says. Cant connect to the local MySQL server through socket.


My personal opinion is the application is very good as I am able to chat with my friends, where all the chat applications are blocked. Though there are few disadvantages, they are not major problems. I find this application interesting. Hope this would interest you all. Do share your comments :-)


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