No multitouch in Android courtesy – Apple

andriodI did always wonder why on earth is there no multi touch on a GPhone. Did google lack technology (ah! that’s just not possible), possible hardware not supporting ? (nope, they have got almost all the vendors to make phones with google Android), then what can be the reason ?

I have read reports that are really shocking. It looks like Apple asked Google not to implement it. Reports suggest from many blogs that one of the Andriod developer has said that Google did not want to go against Apple’s wishes.

Lets not forget that Apple now has a  was awarded a patent last month titled “Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for determining commands by applying heuristics.” Patent No. 7,479,949 that talks about multitouch and all its operations.

Already we hear news that Apple is sued by companies claiming that they were the invertor of multi-touch techonology and also Apple is also sueing some companies for copying apples way of multi-touch working on a iPHONE.  Somehow Palm and Apple dont sue each other [Palm can be called as the father of tochschreen business  phone devices]

However to really answer the question “Can multitouch really work on a GPhone?”,  I read something very interesting it looks like its very much possible to modify the Andriod code to make multitouch work . That makes one wonder why it was not a part of the intial code?

 Some suggest that the above is just a conspiracy and Google engineers simply did not have to time to get multitouch because of the strict deadline and HTC was not much interested in this feature. I guess multitouch will be surely in the pipe-line roadmap for Andriod phones.

If you ever wondered if multitouch is possible on a GPhone, visit this blog by Luke Hutchison, he has given a demo of a working multitouch GPhone. There were lots of requests for the code and to get this feature running on the phone in his blog. He has given a good demo about what he has done.  You can download the code or get the software install it in your GPhone and try it out [But all at your own very big risk]

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