Top Scientific Breakthroughs of 2011

ibm_machine_brainIn 2011 we have seen incredible break troughs in the field of science starting from particles speeding faster than light to defying aging. These break troughs are going to completely going to change the way humans are going to live.

The iO9 blog that writes about science has compiled the list of top science breakthroughs in 2011 and here is the run down of them

  1. Heartbeat-powered nano-generators could soon replace batteries
  2. Faster-than-light Neutrinos
  3. Neuroscientists reconstruct the movies in your mind
  4. Online gamers solve a decade-old HIV puzzle in three weeks
  5. "Feeling" objects with a brain implant
  6. IBM unveils brain-like "neurosynaptic" chips
  7. A device that lets you see through walls
  8. Electronics and biometric sensors that you wear like a temporary tattoo
  9. Culling senescent cells postpones age-related disease in mice
  10. NASA’s Kepler Mission changes how we see ourselves in the Universe

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