Video Of Uncontacted Tribe In Brazilian Forest

The dense forest of Amazon is not only the land of rare species and trees but also a home of many tribal communities who were never contacted by civilized humans. Recently BBC along with Survival International Group (a tribal advocacy group) scanned the dense Brazilian jungle and discovered an uncontacted tribal group believed to be Panoa Indians.


They live in resource rich areas which are primary targets of mining & logging industries. In order to unearth the resources, often these tribes shot dead or chased away to new lands.

The video footage and photographs of the tribes are released to bring awareness about these tribes and also urge governments to take necessary steps to protect them. Tess Thackara, Survival International’s U.S. coordinator says

We’re trying to bring awareness to uncontacted tribes, because they are so vulnerable. Governments often deny that they exist, We’re releasing these images because we need evidence to prove they’re there.


via wired & bbc

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