World Is Proud Of Chandrayaan For Discovering Water On Moon

Yet another proud moment to all Indians. In a landmark achievement Chandrayaan, the maiden moon mission of ISRO, has discovered existence of water molecules on Moon’s surface. Madhavan Nair, the chairmen of Indian Space Research Organization said

There is confirmation of traces of water. It is a path-breaking event as far as Chandrayaan-1 mission is concerned. It is very very significant. So far, no mission has confirmed the presence of water positively.

This finding is confirmed by NASA and ISRO in separate press releases today. You can have a look at the picture that shows presence of water on Moon on one of NASA’s web pages. NASA’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper instrument aboard the Chandrayaan spacecraft has detected the presence of water molecules.


“This surprising finding has come about through the ingenuity, perseverance and international cooperation between NASA and the India Space Research Organization” says NASA

A Brief History Of Chandrayaan Mission

ISRO launched it’s maiden Moon mission Chandrayaan – 1 on Oct 22, 2008 and it successfully planted Indian flag on Moon’s surface on Nov 14, 2008. The mission successfully conducted many experiments and captured images of Moon’s surface like never before.  But ISRO abruptly lost communication with Chandrayaan on Aug 29, 2009  and thus great Moon mission coming to end.

When the mission was was lost, ISRO termed it as 95% successful as it completed majority of the experiments assigned to it. But with the finding of water on Moon, today ISRO says that Chandrayaan is 110% successful.

Dear ISRO, We Salute You

Dear ISRO we are proud of you as well as the every individual working in the organization. You guys made the entire India proud. Jai Hind.

image credit: flickr

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