Empty APN list on your Android phone? Restart the phone to fix it

Fix_to_resolve_empty_APN_listToday I tried to connect to internet on my Google Galaxy Nexus running on 4.2.2 using Cellular Data connection and it failed. Tried reaching customer care representative to figure out why data connection is not working, but the robots (Interactive Voice Response systems) never allowed me to reach a human. After digging through the settings I found empty list of APN (Access Point Names) is the reason for not able to connect to internet. Not sure what caused APN list to vanish but I tried to create a new one that matches with the settings required for AT & T mobile. To my surprise I found that the newly created APN is also not shown in the APN list. Well there is something wrong with the phone – my APN’s are not shown as well as the newly created one is also not displayed.

A simple Google search on this problem shown many forum discussions list and the solution to resolve the issue is to restart the phone. As soon as I restarted my phone the APN list is automatically populated and I’m able to connect to internet on my mobile.

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