Kill Android Apps without Task Manager

Android is for geeks. It best fits for the users who know how to get around sloppy areas and find their way out. If you are an heavy Android user you would have noticed Apps crashing often. A well written App should not crash, if crashes should exit the process gracefully. But unfortunately Google Play has many apps that not only just crash, they hang in a where they don’t respond and you can’t access the application. The only option left to you is to forcefully close them.

If you encounter a situation to forcefully close an App you have two options. First one is to use Task Manager application to close them and the second option is use built in Android OS features. Here are the steps to forcefully close an Android App without using Task Manager

Step 1: Go to Settings and select Apps


Step 2: Switch to All apps tab and select the application you want to close


Step 3: Touch on Force Stop button to forcefully close the app


That’s the simplest way to forcefully kill Android Apps.

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