AT&T’s new prepaid plan for smartphones –$65 for 1 GB data and unlimited calls, text

AT_T_logoAT&T is stepping up competition in prepaid mobile plans offering and trying to attract more smartphone customers who are not interested to lock in with expensive contracts. Today AT&T announced a new prepaid plan for smartphone customers which offers 1 GB of , unlimited calls and text for $65 a month. Compared to existing plans that offers same , the new plan saves $10 per month and rates are comparable to T-Mobile prepaid service. The new plan will be available to all prepaid customers from October 7, 2012.

I’m using AT&T prepaid plan for the past 3 months and paying $75 for 1 GB data, unlimited calls. Few days ago I did some analysis on prepaid plans offered by various network providers and found T-Mobile has cheapest plans that suits my needs – $60 for 2 GB data,  unlimited calls and texts. Even though T Mobile’s network coverage is not as great as AT&T in the area where I live, I planned to switch to save $15 per month. After reading today’s announcement, I don’t think that I’ll switch to T Mobile for saving $5 + 1 GB of extra data.  Thanks AT&T for the new plan, I’ll stay with you for now.

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