Launch 7:Windows Phone 7 Style Live Tiles On Android Mobiles

windows_phone_7_theme_for_androidAndroid is a great mobile OS but one thought that lingers in the mind of few Android owners is: Am I using a cheap iPhone? This is valid thought for many low end Android users as their phones runs sluggish and the user interface of Android looks like an imitation of iOS.

When it comes to Windows Phone 7 users, even though their operating system features are not as great as iPhone/Android but it has its unique user interface; Windows Phone 7 user interface is a very intuitive and fresh, it’s constantly updating Live Tiles show all the required information on the home screen.

Android has best mobile operating system features except UI and Windows Phone 7 has excellent user interface. How about porting Windows Phone 7 Tiles interface on an Android? That should be great.

Launch 7 app brings the best of Windows Phone 7 look and feel to Android OS. Once the Launcher 7 app is installed and activated, it brings Live Tiles or constantly updating controls that show information on Android home screen.

Apart from simple and smooth tiles, there are handful of customization options provided. Users can change colour of the tiles, add new tiles, enable/disable transitions.

The reviews on Android Market are on the positive side with 4.4 stars by 10,000 + reviewers. Here are few user reviews

1. Does what it says. only issue for me is that the app drawer doesn’t rotate. And I would like the UI to rotate when my KB is opened. HTC desire z :) – Jonathan

2. Works great on atrix.Kudos to developers. Awesome. Though needs: Better notification bar More stock images of tiles Better fitting of widgets on tiles – Manny

3. Looks really good like it much more than I thought I would runs real smooth running royal ginger 2.1 – Jay

4. Omg amazing i am definetly keeping it as my default best of android and windows – Devon

5. Man! An update every week! Very very responsive developer! – Andrew

You can read more reviews on Android Market here. 

There is no doubt that this application is receiving rave reviews. After scanning a while through the reviews, few complaints throw light on the negative side: Battery drains a bit faster & Low end mobile run a bit sluggish.

The application is available in two versions – an ad supported free version and $1.41 ad free version.

Download Launcher 7 from Android Market

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  1. Balachander Ganesan

    Not all Android phones has the cheap ios UI. HTC phones have HTC Sense which is the best UI, even better than Windows UI and anything else.

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