Change Your AdSense Font Style For Better Revenues

Here is some good news for fellow bloggers. I just noticed the Google Announcement on a new AdSense feature that allows publishers to select type of the font to be used for displaying ads. We can choose one among the small list of allowed fonts the your ads – Arial, Times & Verdana.


Even though the choices are not may, it is better than nothing. This gives us another option to tweak the way ads fit with the blog theme. Also changing fonts now and then is a good idea to avoid users ad blindness.

The fonts can be configured at your account level so that it will be applied to all the ads or for each individual ad unit.

Change Font Of  All The Ads

To change font style of all the ad units, log into your account, select the My Account tab and then Account Settings. Under Account Settings select Ad Display Preference and you will see a dropdown for selecting the font.Select the required font and click on Save to apply the selected font to all the ad units defined in your account.


Change Font Of Individual Ad Unit

We can configure font style of each unit while creating a new one or by editing an existing one through AdSense Setup -> Manage Ads and then selecting the ad unit.

What do you think about this new feature? Will you change the fonts or leave it to Google to select the best suitable font style ?

CC Image Credit: Peterforret

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