GMail Introduces Themes To Beautify Your Mail Box

Along with technological and usability enhancements, these days Google is concentrating on beautifying the GMail interface. Few weeks ago they introduced graphical smileys in GMail and now they released Themes to customize the mail box with a variety of new looks.


As Google is gradually rolling out this feature, it takes few days time before everyone of us get chance to decorate the mail box.

One of the reasons why I love GMail is its clean and easy to access user interface. Personally I don’t think that themes is worthy addition to GMail. Anyway for those who got bored with the default look and feel this will be an interesting feature.

8 thoughts on “GMail Introduces Themes To Beautify Your Mail Box”

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  3. I agree with you Gopinath I have nothing to do with these theams to Gmail for slower net conenctions it even takes more time to load for those who loves colors and themes more will be useful.Yesterday Morning I checked it ,it not appeared today it rolled into all Gmail users.

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