Google Lively Is Shutting Down. Thank You Google.

Google_Lively_logo Google Lively, an online 3D virtual world web site, will be killed on 31st December 2008. Lively is the one of the most unpopular Google Service that I ever used. Even though it is released to compete with the wonderful virtual world Second Life, it never had the muscle to stand at least close by it.

The graphics, usability and navigation option of Lively are very bad. If you browse the site once you don’t feel like going back to the site again. This makes many people to wonder “Is this product from the great Google that revolutionized the web with search, advertising and mail services!”. You can read more details of this announcement here.

1 thought on “Google Lively Is Shutting Down. Thank You Google.”

  1. I have never visited this site. Let me try once atleast before 31st Dec 2008. Just curious to know what is so bad in it. :)

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