GMail is Popular In Myanmar, Yahoo In Kenya And Hotmail in Colombia

Today I read few blog post about Google Insights, a new service from Google that allows us to input any keyword and get deep dive information about the search activity of that keyword around the world.

I found it quite interesting and tried searching information about the 3 popular mail services:  GMail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. And here is what Google Insights says about the popularity of those e mail services

  • GMail is popular in Myanmar followed by Slovenia and Portugal
  • Yahoo Mail is popular in Kenya followed by Ethiopia and Zambia
  • Hotmail is popular in Colombia, Spain and Venezuela

GMail Popularity

GMail Popular - Google Insights

Yahoo Mail Popularity

Yahoo Mail Popularity - Google Insights

Hotmail Popularity

Hotmail Popularity - Google Insights

When searched for popular of mail services in India, GMail emerged as the strong player followed by Yahoo and then Hotmail.

Indian Mail Services Populartity

Did you notice the white patch in the India map? That is Chhattisgarh. Seems to be not many GMail users from Chhattisgarh.

It was fun exploring the trends users across different geographical location. If you are interested point your browser to Google Insights and explore your interests. Let us hear if you find anything interesting there.

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