GMail Priority Inbox–Unload Your email Overload

Have you ever scared to open inbox after a vacation as there may be hundreds of emails? Have you ever frustrated to know that only 10 out of the 100s of emails in your inbox need immediate attention and the rest of the them can be seen later? Many of us would have faced this problem at one point or other.

Even though there are many ways like filters & labels to deal with email overload but they are not efficient. Often we end up in over sighting important emails or going through the emails that are not really important.

Google has found a solution for this and rolling out a new feature called “Priority Inbox” to all its GMail users. This feature is very promising and it’s going to help us in first seeing only the important emails first and then the rest.

How Priority Inbox Works


In Priority Inbox the messages are categorized into three sections. The first section shows the “important and unread” which requires immediate attention. The second section shows the important emails that are read but for whatever reason still need in inbox. These emails are called as “Starred” emails. “Everything  else” is the last section and it contains rest of unread & unachieved emails of your inbox.

The algorithms that power priority inbox are based on the famous GMail spam filters. The best part is, these algorithms can learn and auto adjust the filters as we use the system.

How To Enable Priority Inbox

Google is slowly rolling out this feature to all the regular GMail users now and in couple of weeks to Google Apps users too. Once this feature is enabled, you will find "New! Priority Inbox" link in the top right corner of your GMail account. Click the link and follow the information to start using the new feature. Keep in mind that this is a beta feature and may have small bugs.

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