Save $8800/Year With Simple Changes Like Replacing Regular Bulbs With CFL Bulbs and More

Do you know that you can save $150/year if 20 regular bulbs at home are replaced with CFL bulbs? CFL bulbs are more environment friendly and consumes far less power than the 100 watt regular bulb. To light a regular bulb for 1 year it costs around $10.99 but for a CFL bulb we need spend just $2.53.

Is $150 not a big deal? You can save $8800/year if you do simple changes like these in your day to day life. That’s a great saving right? Quicken Financial Blog prepared an excellent info graphics with all these simple tips that clearly explains how much we can save. The info graphic is embedded below and for a large click on the image.


This makes us wonder how we waste so much of money by unknowingly. If you consider it’s time to stop wasting and start saving money then you should start reading blogs like Get Rich Slowly and Life Hacker. They offer excellent tips on personal finance.

A Top-to-Bottom Guide to Saving Money Around Your House[Life Hacker]

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