Google Loon–A network of balloons to provide internet to everyone

Google once just a super powerful search engine provider and now they are venturing in to a lot of interesting non software projects like self driving cars, glasses that beam information right on to your eye balls, high speed internet services @ 1 Giga bytes per second. A recent addition to this innovative list is Google Loon – a network of flying balloons that provide internet access to remote parts of the world where it is not feasible for many governments/corporate to provider internet services.

Google says there are several billions of people around the world who don’t have access to internet and Google Loon aim is to provide internet facilities to all these people. A pilot project is started couple of days ago by launching 30 balloons into stratosphere from New Zealand. These balloons fly 20 Kilometers above earth(much higher than where aero planes fly) and they beam internet to homes having Loon receiver wirelessly. Checkout the embedded introductory video on Google Loon

What is in it for Google?

Why is Google getting into these type of projects and what is in it for them? Google is the gateway to web and majority of people find information on web using Google Services/Software. So providing internet facilities to more people means, more people using Google services and it in turn contributes to their revenue growth. Google is not a charity, they do all these projects to earn money just like every other corporate. The best part is while earning money they are touching lives of billions of people in a positive way. Just imagine everyone in the world connected and have ability to take informed decisions irrespective of whether they live in developed countries or underprivileged parts of the world! Wow that will be a beautiful day.

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