Now Instagram lets you record and share 15 seconds video with awesome filters

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing applications and it is very popular for amazing filters that turn an ordinary photo in to an incredible one. Today Instagram extended the filters and sharing options to videos. With the latest version of Instagram application for iOS/Android you can record videos, apply filters and share them.

Recording and sharing videos on Instagram is much similar to photos and. You can capture videos up to 15 seconds and there are 13 filters to choose for processing. Wondering why the limit is at 15 seconds? Pundits are saying that TV ads are in general 15 seconds and Instagram is preparing for video ads in near future.

Anyways within hours of video sharing features, Instagram is flooded with short videos and the Explore section has very interesting ones to browse through. Just like photos, you can share the captured videos to your Twitter, Facebook and other social stream from Instagram.

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