Google Music– Google Version Of iTunes On The Cloud

Google Music

At Google I/O developer conference Google announced it’s cloud based music service ‘Google Music’. This service is very much similar to Apple’s iTunes but it is a cloud based service and it can be accessed on any device over the air.  Here is a quick glance at the Google Music service

  • It runs on all the Android device – mobiles and tablets.
  • You can store up to 20000 songs in the cloud for free (at least when the service is in Beta)
  • You can create custom playlists, edit track information, etc.
  • Music will be available when your device is offline too (this is an interesting feature)
  • You can wirelessly sync music with a web enabled device and it happens automatically
  • Google’s version of iTunes Genius is called Instant Mix
  • The service is currently in Beta and available on invitation basis
  • At the moment accessible only from USA
  • Google Music application is available in Android Market. You may download it now.

Here is a video showcasing Google Music features

If you live in USA you can request for Google Music beta invitation from here

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