Microsoft Shells Out 15% Of It’s Cash To Acquire Skype @ $8.5 bn

Microsofts_SkypeMicrosoft today announced that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Skype by paying $8.5 billions in cash. It means Microsoft is forking out approximately 15% of it’s cash reserves to get Skype on board. That’s a truck load of money! This is the biggest acquisition in the history of Microsoft. Last time they paid around  $6 billion to acquire aQuantive, a digital advertising company.

This acquisition means a lot to Microsoft and to millions of its users around the globe. If Microsoft makes use of Skype and it’s technology properly then there is a lot of benefit to three categories of prime Microsoft customers – XBox Kinect, Windows & Windows Mobile. For a common man the XBox + Kinect + Skype is going to be a killer combination to provide amazing living room chat experience.

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