Google Music – High Quality Free Bollywood Music Service From Google

Google India introduced an superb service called Google Music, that lets you search and listen to high quality Bollywood songs online for free. The service blends the brain of Google Search with the online music streaming for Indian music lovers.


Google in partnership with, saavn and saregama lets you easily browse and search all the new Bollywood movies songs as well as the old movie songs. The size of the Google archive is quite a big and upto date. Its tough for someone not to find songs of a Hindi movie they can name.

The home screen of the service lets you pick the latest releases and the the search box allows you find music by title, artist name and movie name. For example if you love to listen to the latest of Rahman music, just type Rahman and start playing the music.


Google Music now offers only Hindi/Bollywood music, but it would be nice if they extend this service with Telugu and Tamil songs as they are also considerably big music industries in India.

Google Music is not an innovative or new service as there are dozens of main stream media sites that offer free music streaming in India. In fact Google Music lacks many of features like playlist creating, rating, commenting and music on mobile devices.  But Google in partnership with the existing players added it’s search technology to easily find the songs. Searching for Bollywood music online was never this easy.


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