Google Updates Google Pack – Pushes Firefox and Skype Away

Google Pack is a must to install software package on every new Windows PC. With a single installer Google Pack delivers all the useful Google applications like Gtalk, Google Earth, Picasa, etc. and third party applications Firefox, Skype, Adobe Reader.

Today Google updated Google Pack collection and removed competitor products like Firefox and Skype from main page and pushed them to background. The main page of Google Pack now showcases the following software: Google Apps, Google Picasa, Adobe Reader, Google Toolbar for IE, Google Desktop, avast free antivirus, Google Chrome and Google Earth.


It’s still possible to install Firefox and Skype through Google Pack by clicking on the link “All Applicatoins” available on the right side menu and selecting the required installers.  As most of the users use the main page to pick the showcased software, Firefox and Skype are going to loose much of Google Pack love. Thanks labnol

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